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Type OEVWF-25

Available in 2 variations
  • Suitable for pitches below 15 degrees.
  • PVCU black.
£3.42 + VAT
£85.50 + VAT



Permits entry of air into the roof space via the eaves.


The Type OEVWF-25 eaves ventilator is suitable for use with roof pitches below 15 degrees. The 25 designation identifies this product as providing the equivalent of a 25mm continuous air gap. (Equates 25,000 mm2 per metre run.) Insect screening is via punched holes in the lower leading edge. Suitable for lower pitched roofs where no soffit is fitted.


  • Suitable for pitches below 15 degrees.
  • PVCU black.
  • Available for 600mm truss centres only.
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